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Let's talk about life decisions for adults and teens, marriage, parenting, and Christ! I love writing about how we can strive to be more Christ like and what that really means.
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People of the Bible series. What do their stories mean for us?

Join me for my first blogging series! I am going to choose a new person from the Bible to feature every week. Let's dive in together and figure out what their story means for us today.
Jeremiah the Weeping Prophet: Why is He Weeping?
Jeremiah 29:11 When I think of Jeremiah my mind instantly goes to Jeremiah 29:11 but beyond that, I have realized that I don't know who...
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Who is Jonah, and What Does His Story Mean For Me?
The Book of Jonah 1-4  He hurried through the city trying to reach a boat in Joppa. He was heading to Tarshish. "There is no...
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What Happened at The Well? (John 4:3-26)
  Have you ever thought to yourself that you are just too far gone for God to WANT to reach you? Let me assure you...
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Six Newest Blog Posts

Here are my newest blog posts. If you are looking for more, please click the blog posts tab and read to your hearts content! Don't forget to share your thoughts with me.
Don’t Have Sex Yet…But Why?
If you are a believer and even if you aren't, it is more than likely that you have heard the phrase, "save yourself for marriage"....
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Crawfords Take on London Day 2
Yesterday was beyond amazing. If you happened to miss our first day please go and check out Crawfords Take on London Day 1. We had...
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Crawfords take on London ~ Day 1
I had never been out of the country before and was so excited to travel to Europe! My husband was chosen to speak at an...
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Help! Homeschool High School Transcripts and Record Keeping
Have you started your Homeschool high school record keeping?  Oh my goodness! I sat down last night to work on my daughter's homeschool high school...
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Married but Dating
I've been married for 16 years and my husband and I are still dating. You may be a little perplexed by this but it is...
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Where Is God In All Of This Chaos???
When I can't sleep I always seem to find myself writing late into the night when my husband is away and it always seems to...
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Welcome to My Penned Heart

I am so excited that you are here! Welcome. My goal here at My Penned Heart is to really dive into what it looks like to try and walk as closely with God in all areas of life as we can. I don’t have it all figured out that is for sure. I am however learning and growing with you. I write as I go. You will find that everything I write about it somehow a part of my life in this current season. I volunteer in our Women’s Ministry program as well as our High school program.  A lot of times I have ideas that come from what God is trying to teach me through others. Please feel free to message me or leave comments. I love doing life with others including you!

Now a little more about me. Let’s skip the traditional introduction because quite honestly I want you to have time to read my posts instead of a lengthy bio, so here goes nothing…

I am a precious creation and daughter of Christ ( a very special friend taught me that), and you can call me Tina. I am many things including Mom to 4 beautiful, crazy, completely different and genuine children. They are 5,7,13, and 16 years old. Girl, boy, girl, boy. Not only are they my children but they are my homeschool students as well and yes we fight like all families during school and outside of it. I have a wonderful partner in love, his name is Dan and he is an amazing leader. When he is outside of our home, he is a professor in a Doctor of Nursing Practice Program and a Pediatric Neurology Nurse Practitioner. He is a son of God and a fearless, but a calm and loving leader.

I don’t think that I need to go on much past the norm, you are going to learn all about me in the posts that I write…hopefully, the suspense will bring you back!

Now let’s get to it!!!