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1. Etiquette Factory Want your kids to learn how to respect and use their manners? This is an amazing program that we have found and used through homeschooling. Use the link above to check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

2. Homescholar Homeschooling your high schooler means that Homescholar is a must have. Homescholar has everything thing you need to get your child’s college packet in order. All the forms, advice, and even course descriptions. It has been a huge help to us so far and our daughter is a junior this year. This is their link for a subscription program. See #3 below for a more specific program that is not subscription based.

3. Homescholar comprehensive record solutionsThis is another Homescholar program that is amazing. It is basically all the forms you need made and ready to go for college. Records are so tedious sometimes, but with Homescholar is simple.

4. Do you love shopping at Amazon? I know that we do. Head on over for anything you need for any part of life! Shop

5. Is it time to talk to your daughter about sex, puberty, and boys? If so please go and check out this amazing online course by Sheila Wray Gregoire. It is a great tool for reaching your daughters in a productive way. The Whole Story










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