Candy Corn Reminds Me Of The Fall In Iowa!

Last night, my husband came home from the grocery store and tossed a bag of candy corn on the bed to go along with our bottle of red wine. I know it sounds gross, but if you love wine and you love candy corn, it is a great combo. The memories that flooded to my heart and brain were like I had never left.

It tastes like a memory

As soon as I took my first piece and tossed it into my mouth, I was taken back to our home in Coralville, Iowa. In the fall, we always had candy corn filling the candy dish that was passed down from my grandmother. It would sit in our living room on a wooden buffet in her elegant Fostoria dish. I didn’t even worry about it being broken because it was just tradition and had always been.

Hawkeye Football 2008

Fall in Iowa is a beautiful memory of what our life used to be during these months. Hawkeye football and tailgating were a must. We had friends that set up that parking area like it was prom! There was a fire truck and an ambulance painted black and gold. We had corn hole, kids tossing a football, and meat cooking perfectly in a smoker. The layout was impeccable. Each home game was a new theme, and no one was embarrassed to participate. It was nearly mandatory. It was a culture all it’s own.

Fall is more than football

Fall wasn’t just football. It was hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters and hot chocolate. We had changing leaves and kids jumping and screaming! It was a beautiful sight to see. The fall in Iowa meant the kids were outside playing. It meant that I was in the kitchen more than during the summer. Our kitchen smelled like fall after baking apple pies with apples from visiting Wilson’s Apple Orchard and crockpots full of soup and goodies. Fall meant that the nights were chilly and perfect for a stroll in sweats and a hoodie. The fall in Iowa was my favorite time of year.

Halloween 2009

I’ve never been one big on Halloween, but I loved Halloween in Coralville. Everyone dressed up and threw parties. Whole neighborhoods walked around together. The kids would come home with baked goods from the neighbors, and we didn’t have to be afraid to let them eat it. I remember one year that we saw a patrol car up ahead and were worried that there was an incident, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was literally an on duty police officer handing out candy to the kids, reminding them to be safe and ask someone for help if they lost their parents. It was unreal compared to what we were used to.

Things aren’t the same

As I sit here reminiscing, it makes my heart so happy and yet so sad. I love the memories that we have of the fall in Iowa. I miss everything about it. Things just aren’t the same here, and I won’t ever expect it to be. As I lie down to go to sleep tonight, I will thank the Lord for the memories that I have. I will then drift off to sleep thinking about sitting out on the deck in the cool of night, sipping hot chocolate and apple cider with my love, staring at the twinkles stars. We will be hand in hand, side by side enjoying the fall night in Iowa!



  1. Your memories of your time in Iowa warmed my heart. Your time there built a strong bond for u and Daniel and equipped u to b the patents u r. You r a special family who love the Lord. I respect your opinion.


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