Doodle and Rhyme At The Same Time


They Love to Doodle Rhymes

I have two children that are the ages of 5 (boy) and 7 (girl) and they love to draw, color and make up silly rhymes. Sometimes they use real words and well sometimes their imaginations take hold and they rhyme with make believe words. Not today! Over this past month they have had the opportunity to work in a book called I Can Doodle Rhymes and they love it.


I Can Doodle Rhymes is sold by Timberdoodle in their kindergarten curriculum set and it is amazing. My kids were enamored with the silliness of this book. They loved the fact that they could look at the pictures, read the words on the own and then add their creative spin to the art work. Literally doodle rhymes, how great. It was a joy for me to watch them enjoy learning. Teaching that i.g. says “ig” is a lot easier while looking at the word and drawing a pig. They really loved it and haven’t forgotten their newly learned sounds yet!

Katie said it was really fun being able to draw “Miss Piggy”.
This is Calvin’s version of his dog flying the jet.

Definately Recommend

If you have a child between the ages of 4-7 I would definately recommend I Can Doodle Rhymes. It is fun, educational, and interactive. What more could a child want? We were able to take the ending of the rhyming words to practise our phonics. For me to be able to explain the sounds of the blends together and then have the kids not only draw, but to write as well was phenomenal. Two thumbs up from all us!

Thank you Timberdoodle for giving us the priveledge to test run this book. We loved it. Although Timberdoodle gifted us this book for the purpose of a review all opinions are my own and true.

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