Help! Homeschool High School Transcripts and Record Keeping

Have you started your Homeschool high school record keeping? 

Oh my goodness! I sat down last night to work on my daughter’s homeschool high school transcripts and record keeping. Including course descriptions. They are required for a college summer program she wants to attend. She is a Junior in high school and this was the motivational push that I had been needing.

Prepare each year as you go! I can’t say that enough. I wish that I would have started her freshman year. It was so overwhelming last night and I thought I was going to cry. Then I remembered that I had purchased a Homeschool highschool help program called Homescholar comprehensive record solutions at the AFHE Homeschool Convention. My troubles were over!

I opened that website, put in my log in info and went to town. It was so amazing! There was literally everything I needed. Course descriptions, transcript help, and samples for everything. I don’t need it yet, but there is even diploma help. I found printable calendars for each year of high school and what steps should be completed each year. This will help ensure that your child will be college ready.

I did it and so can you!

The records were completed in a fraction of the time it would have taken. Everything is ready to go!

There is so much other info included, webinars, scholarships, testing, how to find the right college and more. You can’t go wrong.  Please if you are homeschooling a junior high or high schooler do yourself a favor and head over to Homescholar comprehensive record solutions. If I could go back and start sooner, I definitely would. I wish you great success in your record keeping adventures.

Good Luck!


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