My Center

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I want to be the center of her World

I want to know her joys, her struggles, her fears, her angers, her hurts, her loves, and her broken hearts

I don’t want to sit and watch on the outside

I want to be there right along side her

I want to share advice, hold her when she’s sad, laugh when she is being silly

I want to feel like I’m still needed

I know I have to give her space to mess up and make her mistakes

I know she has to hurt and find a way to be ok

It’s too hard, I can’t find a way to let go

We carry these babies for 9 months

we nurture them and help them grow

they learn to walk, to talk, and to throw a ball

they become the center of who we are

they fall down and get hurt, they make bad choices and suffer the consequences

they lose friends and sometimes hate us

then the day comes when they are leaving in cars, staying out way too late

have first dates and fall in love

they get broken hearts and cry for hours

they graduate high school

head off to college

they call home, but not enough

stop by for short visits, home cooked food and the washing machine

then they get married and start a family of their own

when that first new baby is born all it takes is a look between now two mothers

and the understanding that you always want to be in the center is completely understood