Need to talk to your teen daughter about sex, puberty, ​and boys? Here’s Help!

Talking about sex, puberty, and boys with our daughters can be one of the hardest things we have to do as a Mom. It doesn’t have to be. Sheila Wray Gregoire has created an amazing online video course for these tough conversations. She has 2 courses depending on the age range of your daughter. There is a course on the changing body for ages 10-12 and a course for ages 13-15. You can check out the details at The Whole Story.

Sheila helps break down the questions of: When do I tell her what? Whats age appropriate? How do I talk to her when she seems uncomfortable about a topic? And how can I make sure she knows everything she needs to know? FB-The-Whole-Story-PUberty-Course-1

You won’t be sorry for checking out this course! I wish that it had been an available tool when I was talking to my first daughter about all of this.

Let me tell you a little bit about how it went for me.

We were living in Iowa at the time and my husband and I found out that the school was going to do a sex ed talk. I panicked, I wasn’t ready yet. So, he and I decided that we wanted her first information coming from us. We wanted her to learn about sex, and boys from a biblical perspective, not a secular version. This is where mom time came in. I was so afraid that she was going to walk away or freak out, to prevent this I suggested we go for ice cream. I was thinking a quiet little public place would be the best place to talk about “periods” for the first time. Well, off we went! We got our ice cream sat down and I proceeded to tell her all the joys and not joys of “becoming a woman”. It actually went pretty well. The sex conversation didn’t go as well. I was doing my best to explain this beautiful act of love that God designed for two very in love people who are married but she was so overwhelmed. I think I scared her. She was crying! Crying because she was laughing so hard at what I was trying to say. She ended the conversation by telling me that she was NEVER doing any of that and was only adopting kids. She would NEVER be having a baby. I thought I had destroyed her. It wasn’t comfortable for her or for myself. We have had several amazing talks since but I will be using The Whole Story with my next daughter for sure!

Being a mom is hard ladies and so is being a teen. If this isn’t the area of life that you are an expert with or if it makes you nervous to start talking about then go and check out Sheila’s amazing program. I know I will be!



Disclosure: I am an affiliate for The Whole Story and will receive a monetary gain on any courses purchased.