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Starting The Book Of Revelation: What Am I Thinking?

Revelation Here We Come

Our Bible night teen group decided that they want to study Revelation. What! Are you kidding me? Those were my first thoughts. I haven’t even read all of Revelation yet and now I am supposed to help guide a group of teens through learning it? I am not sure how this is going to all work out but I know that myself and the other 2 leaders that facilitate this group are going to do our best and leave the teaching up to the Holy Spirit. Revelation here we come!

I Was Grinning From Ear To Ear

Last night I sat down at the table with my Bible and a couple of Revelation study books, Revelation Study Guide By N.T. Wright and Revelation Study Book By John Stott. I dug right in, chapter 1 done and down for the count. It is so nerve-wracking to even try to get started and for good reason. I am not going to lie, there were a couple of things that stumped me right off the bat. I was able to do some digging and find out what my two stumbling blocks meant and then I was ecstatic. It’s the small things! I was so happy that I had found what I was looking for without asking google, that I called my husband into the room to tell him all about it. My smile reached from ear to ear. I could feel it!

 My Cultural Study Bible

I love my Bible and I love the questions in these two study books because then I know what to look for and what to talk about. I have a few different Bibles but the one I am using most of the time now is my Niv Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible. The commentary is so full of insight and facts that I would have never known. It is so rich in biblical history and what life was like at the time. It helps to make understanding that much easier. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

My Hope

I am hoping that this study leads all of us in the group to a better understanding of not just the book of Revelation but also of God himself. If the kids learn anything, I pray that they learn tools to study their Bibles and to find a greater understanding of it.

Please Pray For Us

If you would all just please pray for these things within our group that would be much appreciated. Pray for me as well, I am so nervous because Revelation is confusing. There are so many different translations and meanings behind certain words. I just want to stay true to Gods word and be able to hash out these biblical truths at the same time.

Thank you for the prayers in advance and thank you for reading. If you want to follow along, please join us in reading. Below I am going to leave you some of my notes, if you get confused in chapter 1 hopefully they will help. Happy reading!

My Notes On Revelation Chapter 1                                                                                                                    ( I am not a scholar. Don’t forget, these are my understandings)

  1. Written by: John
  2. When: approx A.D. 90
  3. Revelation 1:3 time is near (imminent) This book makes its demand on the present (not a specific timeframe)
  4. Revelation 1:4 Seven Spirits: info from Isaiah 11:2 Spirit of Lord, wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and fear. These are the 7 spirits.
  5. Revelation 1:5 Firstborn from the dead- referring to Jesus death and then resurrection to Heaven creating the path for all of us to come. Jesus was the firstborn into the new life after his death.
  6. Revelation 1:9 John would have been exiled to Patmos because of his old age instead of being sent to do forced labor somewhere. Romans often used banishment as a punishment.
  7. Revelation 1:12 The 7 lampstands= 7 churches that John was writing too and the 7 stars= the 7 angels, 1 for each church
  8. Revelation 1:16 read Isaiah 11:4 this is all referring to the mouth of judgment


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  1. Revelation – what a challenge! I always love reading my bible with a commentary bible next to it to really dig deep and learn more than I could have on my own. I will be praying for your group and for the Holy Spirit to guide your words and thoughts!

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