It’s All Coming Together Now: Seamless, Understanding The Bible As One Complete Story

The Bible Can Be So Confusing At Times

I have always had a hard time reading my Bible on a regular basis. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to or even that I didn’t have time. It was literally just too intimidating! I could never follow who was who or understand half the things that I am pretty sure I was supposed to be learning. Finally, it’s all coming together now!

I am a  Women’s Bible Study table leader at our church here in AZ. Although I love it, sometimes I feel unequipped. I am often reminding myself that this is probably normal. It is a big deal feeling responsible to help lead other women in a Godly direction and try to answer questions that they may have.

Seamless is incredible

We started a new study at the beginning of this semester called Seamless by Angie Smith. To be honest, when I first bought the workbook, I wasn’t very excited. I thought, “Oh man, I already know all this stuff. I know the big stories, it’s the little details that I struggle with”. Ah well, it will be fine and I am sure it will make for good study conversations was my concluding thought.

Boy, was I wrong and right all at the same time! This study has knocked my socks off. I am loving every bit of it. There is a video clip to go with each session. Sadly I haven’t been able to view the videos because I miss a portion of the study to work with the high schoolers. I am sure the videos are great but I don’t feel like I am missing out by not seeing them.

An overview of the entire Bible with amazing details

I have to tell you that we are learning about a lot of the major people in the Bible and major events but the small details are packed in too. It has never been easy for me to connect the specific stories to specific people or connect who was related to who. Seamless is doing all of that for me. I feel like I am really starting to know and understand the lives and connections of God’s people.

Not only that but I feel like I am gaining a better understanding of who God is and how he works in our lives. The details that connect everyone are amazing. I will share my favorite learning point so far.

Understanding connections

Most of you know who Rahab is (the woman who helped the spies and then she and her family were spared from certain death). You may also know the story of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz (Both Naomi and Ruth are widows left with nothing. Boaz marries Ruth who is Naomi’s daughter in law. Boaz becomes Ruth’s kinsman redeemer and restores her). I love both of these stories but never knew they had any connection. They do! Rahab is Boaz’s mom.

My mind was blown by this. If God had not used Rahab to hide the spies her family would have been killed with everyone else. If Ruth had died then Boaz would have never been born to redeem Ruth and the whole line of family line of Jesus would be different. Did you already know any of that?

Highly recommend

If you did, then I probably didn’t excite you much but for those of you who did not know this, these are the types of connections that Seamless builds for its readers. I seriously can not get enough of this study and am recommending it to all of you.

If you decided to purchase it and complete the study, please let me know what you thought and what your favorite piece of new information is! I am excited for you all to get started!

You can purchase on Amazon here: Seamless


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