The Devil is Wearing Pink…


For  a few years now my husband and I have been throwing around the idea of starting a neighborhood bible study for whoever is willing to come and learn about Jesus with us. We finally got up the courage to send out the first email to all the contacts in the neighborhood that we had. It was done, sent in May or maybe June. Then life happened and we got busy and everything was chaotic and messy, so…we never got the bible study started. We procrastinated, not on purpose but just because we were busy.

So this past Wednesday was women’s bible study at church and it was amazing. Our pastor Brianna spoke about the armor of God and what that should mean to us as women. She talked about how most every girl at one point in time wants to be a ballerina. It’s true, don’t worry you can admit it. She talked about wearing the thin pink leotard, ballet slippers, our hair up in buns, a flowing pink streamer in our hand and the itchy but fabulous pink tulle tutu that would be around our wastes. This is what is envisioned when we think of girls. She went on to talk about how we can be ballerina’s and warriors for God as the same time. We don’t have to give up our daintiness, or beauty, or love of beautiful clothes or any of it. We need only to put His armor on top of our “ballerina” attire.

My husband and I were driving to a family birthday party and I said, “ok babe, we really need to send out the information email about bible study. I feel like every time we put it off the Devil is winning.” He agreed and so we planned to do it last night, well last night came and went. I got a text this morning that said, “we forgot to send out the bible study email”. I thought to myself, yep and oh what a surprise. I just haven’t had the desire to do it. “Satan is winning, Satan is winning.” Those were the only words that I could hear. It was then that I realized I got up this morning and all the mornings for the past few months without putting on any of my armor. I was missing my helmet and Satan was getting into my head. He was making me fearful and anxious. What if the bible study was a bust? What if no one came or no one liked it? What if it was all for nothing?

Those are not my thoughts, those are the devil’s thoughts. So I sat down and mentally started to put on my armor piece by piece; my helmet to protect my mind. My breast plate of righteousness to cover my heart and protect me from my pride and Satans deceit. My sword of the spirit to know what is real and what is fake so that I may speak up and out for God. My Belt of Truth to hold my breast plate and sword so that I am ready at all times. My sturdy sandals made with nails sticking out for good traction and kicking the enemy away with fierce peace. Lastly, my shield of faith that is large enough to cover my entire body, my faith that only has to be the size of a mustard seed to do great and amazing things. My faith that God is good and always has my back.

When I finished arming myself, I sat back with a huge sigh of relief and realized that my fears had dissipated. God would be in control of the study, not me. He would send the people who needed to be here, he would guide me to the ones that needed to be invited. He would send the Holy Spirit to speak on our behalf to ensure that what was being said and taught was in truth and power in His name. I closed my eyes to thank God for his goodness in all things, for the reminders that he sends us saying that we are not alone. He has given us armor to stop the devil from entering or overtaking any part of our bodies, but before I could whisper a single word the vision before my tightly closed eyes was the Devil himself. He was dressed to the nines in a pink leotard, a bun on top of his head, a pink itchy tulle tutu, opaque tights and ballerina shoes tied up his ankles and that pink streamer in his hand. There he was totally defenseless and I had on the full armor of God, a she warrior if you will, ready for battle. Ready to fight for myself and all the people who will attend our bible study. He was nothing but a slithering, belly dancing ballerina and I was not only a warrior but a princess warrior who is a daughter of the everlasting almighty God, King of heaven and Earth.

Today I fought with Satan dressed in pink and I won. My email has been sent!!!

So, people, my point is this, being a Christian won’t always be easy. We won’t always remember to arm our selves with Gods armor. Satan will find ways to sneak into parts of us and our lives, but when we remember who we are in Christ, Satan can be defeated. When we denounce him and scream at him to leave in the name of Christ he will. He will cower in fear, he knows that he has no power over our Father in heaven. He was already defeated by Christ on the cross. He was already cast out of heaven and into Hell. He can attack us, he can belittle us and make us think horrible things about ourselves and others but if you have been crowned by Christ and made a prince or princess through him then you are saved. Satan cannot defeat you and take you away from Christ. You are already adopted and your father is the Almighty maker of Heaven and Earth, the Kings of Kings. He has already won for you.

Stand up put on your armor (don’t forget any of the pieces) and send Satan packing. He is defenseless against you and Christ. Picture him if you must like I did. Put on your armor, take up the cross and defeat the Devil in pink!

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  1. You should have this posted on the Womens blog site. I 💜 It!!
    PS. I can honestly say I have never wanted to be a ballerina. 🙂 However, her analogy was perfect for the Armor of God lesson, I wish they could put Bri on the podcast with her lessons for everyone to hear.

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