Thoughts in Motion

Do you have things that you are constantly thinking about changing? Maybe one specific thing that you are always thinking would be better if it were different? How do you decide when it’s time to pursue said change, and when is it time to let it go? I wonder why God gives our hearts desires, but then tells us that it isn’t time yet. Sometimes, I wonder if it is time and I’m just not listening. Even if change is what we desire, it is still difficult and usually involves a lot of work.

I was born in Iowa. Dan and I met and married in Az, we stayed in AZ for almost 6 years after we were married and then felt compelled to make a move. So we did, we moved to Coralville, Ia. A town connected to Iowa City. We made a beautiful life there, made fantastic friends, and loved the environment that our kids were growing up in. Once Dan graduated from the University of Iowa and there were no jobs available in his new profession it was time to leave. We prayed and knew that God was calling us back to Az, to our families. We have been back for 5 years. We have great friends, family, and a wonderful church home, but something has been missing since the day we returned.

We know why we are here, we know Gods purpose for our presence in this place and we are so grateful for the opportunities that we have had here.We have been in a good place to pay off some debt. Dan’s first job out of school was better than he could have hoped for. He has his dream job of being a professor at a University, our kids are being homeschooled here,and our church is wonderful. Two of our kids have been baptized, we have see our 2 nephews born and growing, and spent incredible time making memories with the family. So then why is it so hard to stop dreaming of where our next home will be?

Why is it that we both have this innate desire to live somewhere else. To live somewhere where the outdoors is a part of everyday life. Where there are trees, and lakes, rivers, streams, fields, farms. Communities of people who love to get to know each other, farmers markets where people meet up to hang out. Small towns where everyone takes care of everyone else, when your kids play sports you know all the parents. A place where your neighbors become your family because that is just the way it has always been. Somewhere that adventures are easy to find, where backyards aren’t fenced, and kids are roaming all over the place. Why can I not get that imagine out of my mind or my heart? Yet I know that now is not the time that God is calling our family to leave. He is calling us to be here and be present.


We are human, and we have plans for ourselves. Right? It’s so hard not to, not to plan and try to achieve. Gods callings, his invites, and his wisdom are so much more than we can plan on our own. I think of the things that we would have missed if we hadn’t obeyed and come back. How different life would be if we ran it with our own terms. It is my pray that as you go through life, that you would listen for God’s invitations, and his wisdom. That you would let him be the leader even when you don’t understand the destination. He has great plans for you, his children. He knows what is best for us and what is best for his kingdom. I have come to realize that my life isn’t always whats best for me, but sometimes what is better for the people around me, and the way that I can be Gods hands and feet here on Earth. Sometimes he puts us exactly where we want to be and sometimes he takes us places that he needs us to be. Just trust! Step forward and then jump with both feet. He will lead you to amazing experiences, no matter where that may be.

It’s an ongoing circle of what we want and what we know God is asking. So of course we are here, and we are all in. We are invested in the places that we go and the things that we do. God is using all of us in big ways, exciting ways, needed ways. This is how I know that we are here for reasons, here for him.

But none the less my thoughts are always in motion.